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History has a value that helps us understand the present and the future. It draws a fine line between what people of the past did and what people of the present do and also gives us a brief of what could be expected in the future. So we as the chefs of the new age drew that fine line with one thing that we are good at. Yes. FOOD.

The classic vs. contemporary menu comprised of the most renowned delicacies of the yester century from across the world, presented two ways. A menu curated to create a unique dining experience for the gourmands of Chennai. A list of renowned classics refas...

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Bizarre food festival

Historically India has been rather constricted in the choice of fauna on our dining tables. In an attempt to break the mould and being daringly different chef saravanan brings out Bizarre fare to present a palate of flavours like never before the below article is covered by The Hindu  

Recently, a pop culture website made a video of their employees sampling a Swedish delicacy called surstromming. A staple on every smelliest foodslist, this is basically fish fermented in brine. When the can is opened, a strong smell emanates so strong that it is usually eaten only outdoors...

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Turmeric food festival


A cherished cousin of ginger, turmeric is a root that accounts for an excess of uses in our kitchens and lives. Bright orangeyellow in colour with a heady fragrance, turmeric has a unique earthy taste, with a touch of citrusy bitterness and the numbing punch of pepper. with its primary compound curcumin. Coined as the most powerful spice of all, Turmeric (haldi) is every Indian households goto fix for a variety of health problems. Its incredible list of healing properties include antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic and an...

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Life of plant

Life of plant

Chef saravanan bring a unique organic five course food menu in the form of plant life cycle. The menu will start from the seed it ends with fruit

Seed to start Flaxseed tart, black sesame mousse, edible mud, sunflower seed sprouts, opal basil amber

Root of plants Slow cooked root vegetable, horseradish and balsamic spaghetti, wasabi crisp

Stem of plants Asparagus stem charlotte, truffle young leek, lotus stem wafers, lemon dust Or Celery stems fricassee, poached prawns, banana stem wafers, lemon dust


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